Do Stair Lifts have Safety Features?

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Stairlifts

Stair lifts are a solution for people with mobility issues who do not want to depend on others to go up and down the stairs. Some people are concerned about the safety of stair lifts. This should not make anyone worried as modern stair lifts have features that ensure safety when using them. You do not need to have someone around for you to use the stair lifts, you can use them unsupervised. Some safety features include;

 * Locking swivel seat – There is one major concern when using a stair lift: loosing footing balance or footing then falling. This is common when exiting the stair lift. A locking swivel seat helps to safeguard against a fall as the user has to turn to the landing side before exiting. Before a user exits from the stair lift, they have to fix the stair lift in a swivelled or straight position. As long as the stair lift is swivelled, it acts as a barrier that blocks the stairs making it almost impossible for anyone to fall.

* Battery back-up powerStair lifts in Devon run on DC power but they have a backup battery that reserves power. If power is cut, the stair lift can make 6 to 8 trips by relying on the power stored in the backup battery.

* Seatbelt – For standing or perched stair lifts, a safety belt comes in handy. People who use standing or perched stair lifts have a problem bending their knees and hips so the seatbelt keeps them secure in a standing or a perched position. For people who can seat, the safety belt ensures that they do not slip from their seats.

* Obstruction sensors – Stair lifts in Devon have sensors which detect obstructions such as dropped items, pets or even children. When it senses the obstruction, it comes to a gentle stop. The user is therefore protected from the obstruction.

The safety features make the stair lifts safe to use. We stock stair lifts with various safety features at A2B Stairlifts Ltd. Get in touch with us for more information on our range of products.

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