When You Need to Hire a Hiab

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Tools and Equipments

There are some jobs for which just a truck won’t do. Hiring a Hiab could make a project that your company needs to get done much easier. But a hiab isn’t necessarily the right choice in all circumstances. We’re going to look at the hiab, what it is, and why you might need to hire one.

What is a Hiab?
Unless you work in the business, you might not know what a hiab is at all. An instance where a brand name has taken over the product identity, hiab stands for Hydraulisk a Industri AB, a Swedish company that makes loader cranes for trucks. In common use, a hiab means any such loader crane, not just the ones that are made by HIAB. These loader cranes are always portable, attached to the trucks themselves, and detachable from the trucks when no longer needed.

Different Sizes
Not all hiabs are the same, and different ones are better for different jobs. Generally, hiabs are available in three different sizes: lightweight, medium, and heavy duty. The lightweight loaders are relatively easy to install and can be attached to smaller-end trucks and commercial equipment. These are the most common choices for loading simple goods and pallets into trucks, as heavier loads aren’t necessarily required. Medium capacity loaders are designed to handle up to 30 tonnes at a time, and as such, are ideal choices for sand, gravel, concrete, and other building equipment. It is possible for such hiabs to also accomplish more complex tasks, such as digging or laying commercial piping. And finally, the heaviest of jobs should only be handled by a heavy-duty loader, one that is designed to take over 30 tonnes. These are most commonly used in the transportation of extremely large and dense materials and products. Click here to know more.

360 Degree Flexibility
Not all hiabs do have 360-degree capability, so make sure you know which one you’re getting for a particular job. If a high amount of flexibility is needed for a job, then be sure to get the 360 capability, but if you just need to offload a truck, you don’t necessarily need it.

Hiring a hiab is clearly the best choice when you need to transport anything of significant weight. The effort and man-hours of loading a truck would easily offset the cost to hire a hiab in Barnstaple. Some amount of more complex tasks would be possible, but the primary jobs that you’ll definitely want to hire a hiab for will be in transportation.

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