The Convenience of Mobility Scooters for the Handicap and Disabled

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Wheelchair Repair Service

A mobility scooter is a great alternative for individuals who may be limited in their movement, but still want to be active. For a variety of medical conditions like a stroke or severe arthritis, a mobility scooter will allow an individual more independence. Mobility scooters have emerged for some people as the ideal form of transportation over a wheelchair because it allows handicap and disabled people to participate in a more active lifestyle. However, mobility scooters are also great for individuals who are easily fatigued or cannot walk long distances as well as for people who have a progressive condition such as muscular dystrophy. If you are looking for mobility scooters in Taunton you should turn to Exeter Disability Centre for their wide selection of quality scooters.

Changes and Features of Mobility Scooters

The changes in design for mobility scooters for people who need them have also helped to account for their increased popularity. Unlike the designs of the past, many of today’s scooters are lightweight, and some can be easily disassembled and stored when not in use or during transport. The rise of electric power has also made scooters more accessible. Now, instead of worrying about fuel, the electric models can simply be plugged into a wall. Mobility scooters in Taunton come in a variety of models and sizes as well as incorporate a range of comfortable features. Many have a wide chair that is easy to sit in for long periods of time. There are also storage compartments including mirrors that give a driver an increased view and a basket for easy access. These features and more help an individual feel comfortable and in control of their driving experience.

Mobility Scooters Offer Increased Independence and Movement

Mobility scooters for people who need them offer increased independence and movement. Many people have found that scooters have greatly increased the quality of their life. If you are considering mobility aids such as mobility scooters in Taunton then you need to visit a specialist motability dealer like Exeter Disability Centre Ltd today!

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