When it becomes necessary to replace one or more teeth, including all of them, the dentist will normally offer two alternatives; one is a denture and the other is a dental implant. Both of these are valid options and they are both worth considering but there are significant differences between the two that can make one solution better than the other for certain situations. Because of the differences it is worth taking time to learn the differences between implants in Cheshire and dentures, in this way you can decide which approach suits you best.

The most immediate difference between the two is that dentures are removable and implants are not. A denture, whether fitted to the top or bottom involves moulding or otherwise producing a section which fits very snugly over the gums and to the upper or lower surface of the oral cavity. The denture is usually held in place with an adhesive of some sort, either powder or paste. The adhesive not only helps keep the denture in place it helps to cushion the gums, reducing the possibility of irritation from slight movements that will occur. At the end of the day may people who wear dentures remove them and let them soak overnight in a denture cleaner, they are clean and fresh the following morning.

In complete contrast to a denture, implants in Cheshire are imbedded in the jaw bone and are not removable. A dental implant functions exactly the way a natural tooth does, they are held firmly in place by a root, albeit a titanium one, they do not require any adhesive to hold them in place or to ease irritation. As implants are permanent they are maintained exactly the same as natural teeth, they are brushed and flossed as normal. Implants in Cheshire are the ideal solution when fit and convenience are considered, they are every bit as good as the natural tooth they replace.

There is a common perception that implants cost considerably more than a denture. It may be true that implants are more costly but only marginally over a high quality denture and when you consider that a denture has a limited life before it needs replacing while an implant does not, the price differential is by far not the only consideration.

A third option to explore is a hybrid between implants in Cheshire and a denture. Implants can be located at strategic points along the jaw, acting as anchors for a denture which snaps into position. This option allows the denture to be removed by it eliminates the possibility of rubbing and the subsequent irritation.

At Westgate Dental Practice the dentists have experience with implants in Cheshire. With ten years of experience, the dentist can implant a single tooth or multiple implants to retain bridges or complete dentures.