How Facilities Management in Gloucester Could Enhance Retail, Industrial and Commercial Premises

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Business

Shopping complexes, schools, hotels, hospitals, office blocks and arenas are some good examples of facilities management industries. Through carefully combining resources and activities, your organisation will thrive. However, there may come a time when you need assistance with facilities management in Gloucester from a professional. The benefits associated with this type of maintenance often outweigh the costs, and for the engineering managers to do their job properly, they must listen to the ideas and contributions of property owners/managers. An expert will maintain the skills and experience to advance the functionality of the built environment in the following ways.

Electric and Lighting

The maintenance of electric and lighting is a very important part of facilities management in Gloucester. With the planned maintenance of equipment and fixtures, safety and overall performance can be improved. All parties involved will need to cooperate for the preventative maintenance process to be a success. Although it can be quite time consuming, it will greatly reduce the number of major repairs and increase the life expectancy of assets, resulting in fewer large-scale replacements. The more you get the electric and lighting in your property maintained, the less man hours and money will be invested into maintaining things in future.

Better Heating and Plumbing

If your property is fitted with advanced heating and plumbing systems, you can expect to save a lot on monthly bills, repairs and replacements. Preventative maintenance is the best way to save money, which is why the person performing facilities management in Gloucester will investigate leaks and find the cause of unusual noises. Additionally, the contractor will fire-test boilers and domestic water heaters, lubricate circulation pump systems, and replace sump and sewage ejection pumps when necessary.

Regular Building Maintenance

The heating and plumbing systems aren’t the only areas a contractor will focus on when performing facilities management in Gloucester. The exterior landscape will be examined to ensure no hazards are present, and the roofing will be thoroughly inspected for flaws. Roof-to-wall connections will be checked, roofing files will be created for each new building, warranty information will be reviewed, and wet insulation or leaks will be detected. If a storm occurs, inspections will commence twice a year. Maintenance, both pro-active and reactive, will ensure the building is in good condition and that business continues to operate under safe conditions.

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