Whether you are planning a DIY project at home or you need a skip hire in Didcot to manage your commercial renovation, there are a few things you need to know about skip hire in Didcot before you make a choice.

Choose a Company that Recycles for You

The fact is the landfills are brimming with goods that are taking up space that could have easily been recycled. Of course, when you are managing a renovation project it can be daunting to lose time to separating goods. If you choose the right skip company, they will make sure the goods get sorted at their facility to minimize your impact on the landfills.

Permits and More

If you plan on leaving your skip on a public highway you will need a Local Authority Skip Licence. The right company will get the licence for you. It makes it a lot easier on you if you can trust that task will be taken care of for you.

Size Counts

Choosing the right skip hire firm is critical in getting the ideal sized skip for your needs. The right company will have a range of sizes that are made to meet a range of needs. Of course, the right company will also be able to tell you which size skip is going to be best for your project as well.


There is nothing worse than being ready to start your project and not have the equipment that you need to get started. You want to choose a company that is ready to deliver as promised, so you do not have to stand around wasting time and money waiting. A good option is Hazell & Jefferies Ltd to meet your skip hire needs. They have the equipment; the knowledge and they deliver as promised!