What to Think About When Purchasing Your Roof Tiles

by | May 24, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

If you want to purchase some new roof tiles for your home, you want to make sure that you purchase the right tiles. Slate tiles are very costly; however they remain one of the most durable options when it comes to roofing materials. Slate roof tiles are normally grey, and cut from lumps of stone. They can last for over 100 years, and they can really help to increase the value of your home. Another great thing about slate roof tiles is that they are incredibly resistant to mould and insects. They are fire, water and weather resistant, making them a great investment for any family home. Slate tiles, however are incredibly heavy, so it is important that you make sure that your roof is properly supported before you purchase them. You will also find that they are very expensive to purchase, and they require top materials in order to keep them in place.

The Benefits of Choosing Clay Tiles

If you are on a budget, however, then slate tiles might not be for you. If you want an affordable option, then you might want to consider clay or concrete tiles. Clay and concrete tiles come in a world of different colours. They are very lightweight when compared to slate, and you will not need to reinforce your roof. Clay tiles come in a wide variety of different patterns, not to mention that they are also very durable. They can resist conditions such as hailstone, strong winds and even fire, making them suitable for any family home. When purchasing your tiles, it is always important that you contact a qualified roofing contractor. They will be able to advise you on the type of tiles you are purchasing, as well as making sure that you are choosing the right tiles for the property.

Things to Think About When Purchasing Your Tiles

If you want to use your tiles on a steep pitch roof, then you will need to have the tiles pre-drilled. You may also need some metal brackets to support the tiles so they do not slip from the roof. This can make the roof more expensive, so it is always important that you contact your roofers in Maidenhead when choosing your tiles. Some companies who sell tiles also offer to install them onto your roof for you, and this is a great way to save on money. You can get the tiles you need while also getting an experienced professional to handle the job for you. Contact your local suppliers today to find out more.

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