What to look for in Window Replacements

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

When it is time to replace the windows in your Glasgow home it is important to remember that not all windows are created equally. You want to be certain you are purchasing a high quality window that will provide you with the following qualities:

  • Exceptional Thermal Performance: The UPVC Windows Glasgow homeowners install in their homes have to offer outstanding thermal performance. You can lose as much as 50 watts of heat per square foot through your windows. However a high quality window will reduce that loss to 13 watts per square meter. In monetary terms this can translate into a financial savings of as much as £500 a year.
  • Long Life: it might seem hard to believe, but a poor quality window can require repairs and replacements in as little as five years. When you consider the amount of money you will invest in UPVC windows, Glasgow homeowners should be looking for high quality windows that will last more than 30 years. It is all about the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process. Materials such as high quality UPVC will help fight ultraviolet degradation which is one of the number one reasons window frames can become brittle or discolour. If windows are made with metal or wood you can see rusting as well as flaking and even shrinking and bulging that can lead to structural damage. To avoid issues such as sagging, you also have to have an experienced installation company who will maintain the integrity of the windows and their insulating qualities.
  • Superior Resistance to the Elements: Although there are many materials that will be able to withstand the elements not all of them will perform for as long and as well as you would like. UPVC windows are your best bet as they are designed to withstand not only water penetration but wind pressure that can lead to leaks. Make sure you are looking at the rating of the window and choose those rated as severe for exposure as these windows can often resist as much as four time more wind loading than windows rated as sheltered or moderate.
  • High Security: Another strong point to UPVC windows in Glasgow homeowners choose is that they are tested to help prevent forced entry. You will be able to have better peace of mind knowing your windows can resist force and help keep intruders from entering your home. To keep your family and belongings safe, UPVC windows are your best bet. This goes for doors and door frames as well.

Looking for windows with these qualities will ensure you have the best possible window replacements for your home. The Window Advice Centre provides advice & assistance in choosing the right window or double glazing services of the Glasgow area.

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