What to do if your drains are severely blocked

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Home Improvement

Although drains are designed to allow the seamless passage of fluid to substances to transform themselves away from your property, there are a huge number of reasons why problems can develop within your drains that can soon develop into something that becomes extremely severe and expensive to repair it if you do not immediately take action to deal with them. The actions that you need to take to deal with blocked drains in Brighton will depend a lot on the severity of the problem that has formed, and you will also have to consider the size and extent of your drainage system. For example, a very minor blockage is something that can often be dealt with without any professional help – purchasing commercial unblocking products will usually be able to immediately resolve the problem. However, if you are a large industrial organisation with an extensive system of drains that have become severely blocked, then it is absolutely crucial that you do get in contact with a professional company or you could be at risk from a severe and expensive disaster. Below are some of the important steps that you need to take if you discover that your drains have been blocked.

Try to get a gauge of the problem

Although it can be difficult for a regular person to ascertain the nature and severity of a drainage problem, it is still worth your while to try and do everything you can to gauge the problem. Because the interiors of drains are obscured, it can be difficult to actually set eyes on the blockage, so you will need to look for alternative methods. By pouring liquids into your drainage system, you can often gauge how severe the problem is by how quickly the fluid is drained.

Take action depending on the severity of the problem

As mentioned previously, it can often be unnecessary for you to bring in professionals if the problem is only very minor. If you have found that only a small blockage is afflicting your drainage system, you can go out and purchase unblocking products which can resolve the problem swiftly, or if the problem is severe you will need professionals to take care of it.

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