What options are available for gate automation?

by | Sep 19, 2015 | Garage Doors

Automatic gates in Exeter can be controlled through a key pad, push button remote control as well as an electric eye. To make entry and exit to drives and walkways easier and more accessible there are a number of types of automatic gates in Exeter that can be installed. Not every type of automation is applicable, to ensure proper and long lasting operation the opening size of the gate, the weight, the opening style and the climate in which the gate is located in often dictate what type of approach will be taken. The most common types of gate activation are push button and remote push button controllers although infrared sensors and pressure sensitive under-drive activators are also employed as triggering units that cause the gate to open or close. For better security there are units that respond to voice as well as thumb print recognition, these types of recognition devices are employed in areas where high security is a must.

Although it may be unfortunates, security is a sign of the times in many areas. To restrict access, fences and gates are installed around buildings, a residential property and in some cases, enclose entire gated communities. To eliminate the need for human intervention to open and close the gates, automatic gates in Exeter are widely employed. Many systems rely on a small, unobtrusive device that is fixed to the back of the vehicle rear view mirror or can be carried by a pedestrian wishing to enter the same gate. As either the car or the person approaches the gate, the device sends a signal to the gate and the gate responds by opening, allowing entry. This type of automatic gate in Exeter closes after a predetermined length of time, there is no need for the person who entered to close the gate. You can visit here to get more information.

Many systems, especially those used for private residences rely on a key pad. There is a portable pad in the home; this is used to open the gate when the vehicle is in the drive. There is a key pad built into a post alongside the gate that is used to gain entry.

In areas where there is little problem with snow or ice pressure sensitive cells can be embedded near the gate. As the vehicle travels over the cells the automatic gate is activated by the vehicles weight. The weight range that is acceptable is set by the contractor that installs automatic gates in Exeter.

G & T Garage Doors & Gates offer a wide range of options for automatic gates in Exeter. G & T can provide a new gate to your specification or can automate your exiting gate.

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