What Is Energy Efficient Glazing Offered By Glaziers Livingston?

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Most modern homes today are fitted with double glazed windows, which is a more energy efficient alternative to single glazed windows. A great long-term investment, these windows could last for 20 years or more and offer fantastic savings year after year. They can be installed by glaziers Livingston with various frames, including wood and vinyl. One of the main benefits is heat retention, which is a big appeal for people living in Scotland and other areas of the United Kingdom, due to the somewhat unreliable weather.

If you’re looking for ways to lower energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and make your home more aesthetically pleasing, it’s a good idea to learn about this type of glass from glaziers Livingston, and how it could enable you to make the most of every room throughout the seasons.

Where Can It Be Used?

The bedrooms, living room, conservatory – pretty much any room in the home can be fitted with double glazed windows from glaziers Livingston. When you take a look at the range of products offered in a company’s energy saving glass range, you can take advantage of more sunlight seeping into the home, as well as better safety and noise reduction. Some popular uses for glazing include roof lights, doors and windows.

How Does Energy Efficient Glass Work?

Heat flows towards cold areas, therefore if there is a gap in the window seal, heat inside the home will find a way to escape through the gap. When you consider how much it costs to heat the home, services from glaziers Livingston are very worthwhile. Designed with an eco-friendly coating, double glazed windows will not allow heat to be transferred outside. Instead, it will reflect heat back into the room. Absorbed energy heats the glass, which means that furniture and items inside the room get warmed by the energy.

Cost Savings and Energy Ratings

It’s important to look at the energy rating of the glass you choose in order to figure out how much money you could be saving each year. Glaziers Livingston should be able to provide you with a quote based on the type of property you own and the conditions that best match your home. For example, a terraced home will require at least 12mm of glazing, whereas a semi-detached property will require 15mm and a detached, 20mm of glazing. Savings are determined over a 20-year period and so long as the glass is approved by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), you are guaranteed to get a return on investment.

A damaged or deteriorated seal could steam up and unless you contact Glaziers Livingston for repair, you may need an entire replacement. A reliable company that offers these services is Edinburgh Glass & Glazing.

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