What is a modular kitchen?

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Modular kitchens are those that are fitted out with pre-made cabinet components. When all these components are fitted and installed the result is a complete functional kitchen. Kitchens in Wiltshire that are being remodelled often use these types of cabinets which are available for both the upper and lower units. As well as the two basic units there are also full units such as a pantry that fit from the floor to the ceiling or very close to it. A modular kitchen is factory made in sections and delivered either in assembled cabinets or in flat packs which are assembled on site.

Modular kitchens in Wiltshire are less expensive than a bespoke kitchen because of the economy of scale. Although a kitchen that uses modular cabinets must utilize what is available, there are so many variations that the finished kitchen still looks unique because of the combinations available along with finishes, door designs, counter tops and hardware that end up making the project appear that it was custom designed and made to suit the homeowners unique taste.

Both upper and lower cabinets are available in single door and double door variations. The choices for the doors include smooth surface, recessed and bevelled designs as well as glass panel inserts. Many people choose glass panel doors as a display unit for their fine china or simply to add a little variety. If glass panel doors are used for general storage then frosted glass is usually used, it adds variety and a look of airiness but it also hides what is in the cupboard. The main carcass of the cabinets is normally predrilled with a series of holes which allows the shelves to be located wherever the homeowner wants them.

Stacked cabinets are quite a popular addition to any kitchen. These small units fit between the upper and lower cabinets, sitting on the countertop. These are ideal for spices, coffee cups and other small but frequently needed items.

The lower cabinets are deeper than the upper cabinets and they can be fitted with drawers. There are lower cabinet designs which have one drawer above the shelving area or a series of drawers of different depths using an entire section. The area where the sink is installed often has fake drawer fronts to make the look continuous along the row of cabinets.

Many kitchens in Wiltshire utilize a floor to ceiling cabinet which is ideal as a pantry or a broom cupboard. When used as a pantry many are fitted with wire storage bins as well as shelves.

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