What Can A Glass Supplier Do For You?

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Glass is product you use every day for many different reasons. You drink from it. You use it to let light in your home. You look through it while driving. You may even look through it to read to newspaper. We use glass in many ways everyday but have you ever thought of using glass for decorating or furniture? And what glass suppliers in Edinburgh do you call once you decide what you want done? Here are a few things you may want to find a good glass supplier for.

Common Uses

Most people think of windows and windshields when they think of a glass supplier. While that is true, glass can be used for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. We use it for home, business as well as automobile applications. Your supplier though, can create glass for mechanical purposes as well as crafting works of art with it. Here some places you may not have thought of that a glass supplier might be needed.


To many people’s surprise, glass is very durable and easy to maintain. Choosing a glass tabletop is one area that you would really want to consult with your glass supplier about. Depending on your needs, there are many choices in size, thickness, and colour. If your table is in a high traffic area and gets used often you may want to choose a thicker top than you would on a night stand. Your glass supplier will be able to tell you what glass you need for what application. Glass can also be specially coated for soundproofing to keep outside noises outside of your home or business. Your glass supplier should be able to fabricate almost any type of flat glass you will want. Glass walls also add a nice touch to your decor. With a variety of colours and frosting you should find the look you want.


If you are thinking of doing something different with your patio or yard, why not have some custom glass installed? Patio doors that really look unique or custom sized windows. You could install a glass wall for yard decoration or to enclose your swimming pool. Have you ever thought of having skylights installed in your home or business? They can even save you some money on lighting costs.

Whatever it is you might have in mind, from new windows to a glass wall around your swimming pool, the first call to make is to your local glass suppliers in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Glass & Glazing offers comprehensive services from glass to glazing repairs & replacement in Edinburgh, UK.

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