What are teeth implants?

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Teeth implants are false teeth which are permanent rather than removable like a conventional denture. Implants in Wilmslow are mounted on the top of a post which is made from tungsten, the post is buried the jaw bone where it becomes one with the bone over a period of time. Implants are one of the choices available when it is necessary to replace a tooth, or teeth, which have been lost due to an accident or decay. Implants are a popular solution because they are permanent than dentures and more stable than a bridge; they are every bit as good as the natural tooth or teeth they replace. Although the process is time consuming, often taking several months, most patients are extremely pleased with the results.

The tooth implant can be made from several materials but the basic approach is to use a titanium base which acts as the root and a porcelain crown that attaches to the top once it stabilizes in the underlying bone. The tooth itself: although usually porcelain, can even be gold if the patient desires. When the implants in Wilmslow are cared for properly there is no reason that they cannot last the lifetime of the patient and as the patient quickly forgets that he or she even has a false tooth they are extremely comfortable. Implants are used for a complete tooth, they are also used as anchor points for removable dentures.

Whole tooth implants begin with the actual implant which is normally made from titanium. The dentist opens the gum in the proper location and prepares the underlying jaw bone to accept this implant. The implant is left alone for what can be several months until it “marries” with the bone, becoming a solid “root” for the false tooth which will be affixed to the top. In the case of a whole mouth restoration often the solution is to mount several implants along the jaw, the implants are then used to anchor a matching denture. This proves to be a good solution, the denture can still be removed but as it is anchored by the implants rather than held in position with dental adhesive it remains stationary.

Implants in Wilmslow are not suitable for everyone. There are patients who have lost a considerable amount of jaw bone due to disease, these patients are not suitable candidates as there is simply not enough bone for the implant to properly anchor.

Implants in Wilmslow are available from the experienced dentists at website With ten years of successful use of the various implant systems available, you will be extremely pleased with the results.

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