Facilities Management in Bristol – Essential Services to Enhance Day-To-Day Operations

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Business & Industrial

Organising a maintenance schedule for your business can take time and if you have a lot on your to-do list, you might forget about the all-important maintenance routine. Failure to inspect, repair and replace equipment and machinery could pose a health and safety risk. What’s more, it could result in you facing legal obligations and may slow down day-to-day operations, proving the importance of facilities management in Bristol. With simple maintenance you can sidestep costly repairs, so why not invest in the following services?

Air Conditioning

If you are looking for a way to cut the costs of running your business, consider getting air conditioning installed by a professional who deals with facilities management in Bristol. There are numerous benefits associated with AC systems, such as reduced energy bills, improved air quality and silent operation. You can control temperature by pressing a button, which will provide your employees and customers with increased comfort throughout the seasons. In addition to this, air conditioning eliminates the need for conventional heating systems, which can use up to 60 percent of your monthly energy allowance! By getting it maintained regularly you can continue to make savings, and avoid unexpected repairs or replacements.


Making an office appear inviting to both employees and customers is extremely important. To create good working conditions, it’s imperative that the right lighting is installed. When paying for facilities management in Bristol, a professional will be able to check all of the electrical appliances inside the property, and ensure all lighting wiring is in good condition. If the existing lighting fixtures do not comply with the government’s new energy legislation, the professional will recommend energy-saving lighting that could cut company costs.

Building Maintenance

There are three main things one will focus on when performing facilities management in Bristol – business continuity, communication and emergency preparedness. To ensure all of these things tick the boxes for safety, building maintenance checks will be carried out. These checks will involve inspecting areas of the property for cleanliness, ensuring the business grounds are free from health and safety hazards, clearing roof drains of debris, examining flashings for tearing, planning moisture surveys, etc. Typically, inspections will take place twice a year, or following a severe storm or natural disaster.

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