What are bay windows?

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

There are a host of different windows available for fitting in any home, bay windows are unique in their design as they create a perfect little niche in a home; filled with light. Typically bat windows in Glasgow are used on that side of a house that overlooks a sweeping panorama, perhaps of the sea or a meadow and in many cases the window is made with seats which allow the homeowner to sit and enjoy the view or read a book in ideal natural light conditions. Bay windows are a common feature of many homes built in the Victorian style of architecture and add considerably to the value of a home.

There are two different styles of bay windows in Glasgow; one in the shape of a box the other in the shape of a polygon. The square shaped bay window is little more than a box which juts out of the side of the house, its main purpose is decorative and it is often used for indoor plantings or small nick-knacks. In most cases the box starts at head height or a little below and is often installed over the kitchen sink where it can provide a good source of natural light and a commanding view, not to mention that is ideal for growing herbs. Often this style of bay window is found in less expensive homes or homes that are in a housing development.

The second bay window design is designed as a wall feature, spanning from floor to ceiling. This style of bay window is in the shape of a polygon and creates full nook. The favourite shape is that of a trapezoid with the narrow part facing outwards.

A full bay window is very useful as well as a very attractive addition to the home. The bay is often used with a window seat, in other installations the nook is allowed to go full floor deep and houses a breakfast set. The glass used on bay windows in Glasgow is quite extensive, covering almost the entire area. The result of this large expanse of glass is a wonderful space, full of natural light which can, if desired, be subjected to various window treatments such as blinds or drapes.

A full height bay window adds to the construction cost of the home because the floor plan and the slab are irregular but many homeowners are willing to pay this extra cost is well worth it as the bay windows adds considerable beauty to both the inside and outside of the home.

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