Wall Ties in Brighton – What You Should Know About Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Did you know that the walls on your property are comprised of an inner and outer skin? Unless the inner and outer skins have a protective lifeline in the form of wall ties in Brighton, the wall may not be as stable and you could be forking out for repairs every couple of years! Cavity wall tie replacement is crucial for the stability of walls and although there are plenty of DIY options available, it’s best to contact a professional. Plastic, metal and composite materials will usually be chosen for this job but before you spend your hard-earned money, broaden your knowledge on the subject.

Safety and Stability

The safer and more stable the walls on your commercial or residential property, the lower the chances of an accident occurring. It is especially important to think about getting new wall ties in Brighton fitted if you live with small children, or if you are a business owner with legal obligations. The overall thickness of the wall will make a difference to the type of wall ties you can have, but with a swift inspection, work can be carried out with ease.

Factors to Take Into Consideration

Just like with any kind of home improvement job there are a number of factors to take into consideration. For example, what material was the inner and outer leaf constructed with initially? Do you need wall ties that can fit snugly in-between bricks of a certain diameter and depth? Will the wall ties last for as long as the building, or will they need to be changed every couple of years? Ask a preservation expert these questions and inquire about insurance and guarantees. With coverage, you won’t have to worry about paying if a problem occurs shortly after the wall ties are fitted.

Spacing and Embedment Depth

Don’t rely on quotes you get over the phone because for the professional to provide you with an accurate price for the installation of wall ties in Brighton, he or she must perform some level of on-site wall tie testing. Several factors will influence the embedment depth, such as whether a hard or soft material was used to build the property. In addition to this, the building’s exposure to wind and particular weather conditions must be considered for the spacing and embedment depth to be determined.

Your wall ties are a vital component of your property, CavityTech Systems Ltd are an experienced company specialising in wall ties in Brighton.

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