There’s a reason why people talk about having ‘a roof over your head’. They don’t talk about having walls and windows (although these are important too) because it’s the roof that keeps you and your possessions safe from the elements. Ask anyone who has lived with a leaky roof and they will tell you that they live in dread of heavy rains or snow. Running around with buckets to catch drips, and moving furniture out of the way every time water gushes into a home is no way to live. A roof is an expensive investment but it’s one that is essential for your quality of life and peace of mind. A roof should have a lifespan of at least 20 years if it’s well maintained, so it’s worth making certain that you obtain the best roof possible for your home and your budget.

Different types of roofing available in Nottingham

There are as many different types of roofing available as you can imagine. Roofs can be flat or pitched – with the pitch varying depending on your needs. A high pitched roof provides an attic or extra bedroom space or can produce that perfect hideout for a child. The type of roof covering is also up to your taste and the style of your home. You can decide on slate or various different types of roof tiles. The tiles come in many different colours and shapes. Steel roofs are not that popular for homes, but are very popular for industrial and agricultural use.

Very much in vogue at the moment are aluminium roofs that echo an Australian country home. Equally popular are green roofs which are flat and are covered with natural foliage. These roofs blend in with the environment and provide excellent insulation. Expert roofing companies in Nottingham will be able to advise you as to the plants that you should use. You don’t want to have to water the plants, so will need to use vegetation that is indigenous to the area and is thus able to survive weather conditions without input from you. You can visit here for more information.

Getting expert roofing advice

The bottom line for roofs is that the wide range of possibilities available would mean that you should consult with roofing experts before making a decision as to what type of roof you should invest in. Whether you are a homeowner or want roofing for an industrial or agricultural building, it’s best to have a thorough consultation and to compare all your options and prices before making this very important decision.

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