Types and Scopes of Timber and Damp Proof Surveys

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Water Proofing

Before buying a house, you are advised to carry out a timber and damp proof survey in Exeter. The survey seeks to establish whether the building has any form of dampness and the extent of the condition if it is present. When you are asked for a timber and damp proof survey, you are faced with two challenges; the degree of survey and whether to hire a surveyor or contractor that is qualified to carry put the survey.

There are three main types and scopes of timber and damp proof surveys in Exeter;

Each type of survey has different level of inspection and provides different information.

1. Level one (non- invasive)

The survey is not good if you want to buy the property because it provides little information about the problem. The survey focuses on an isolated area which has traces of dampness.

2. Level two (pre-purchase damp and timber inspection)

If you are planning on buying property, this survey is good as it is detailed. It is also good for homebuyers who have received conflicting reports about the property from different companies. Homeowners who have treated their homes for dampness but it keeps recurring can ask for his survey to determine the source of the problem.

The survey focuses on areas that are accessible and readily available for inspection without damaging the property or endangering the safety of the surveyor. Roof spaces, all floors of the house, the exterior of the building, and any interior parts of the building that the surveyor can access without a struggle are inspected.

3. Exposure Surveying and Defect investigations

This level uses invasive techniques to find out the extent of dampness and decay. The surveyor can take off skirting boards, lift floorboards and carpets and even open up some parts of the building to get to the source of the problem. Although the techniques used may interfere with the structure of the building, it is still considered cost effective as it deals with the problem once and for all.

Are you planning to buy property or are you looking for the source of dampness in your home? Talk to our timber and damp surveyors at Pest Eradication (West) for an inspection and diagnostic service for dampness in your home.

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