What Are Wall Ties?

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Water Proofing

Wall ties are small metal strips with a twist or dip in the centre, which are built into a home by a bricklayer, and bind 2 leaves of a cavity wall together. When a home is battered by hard rain and water soaks into the wall, the dip in the middle of the wall tie allows water to drip off inside the cavity and onto a cavity tray; this dissipates water away from entering the inner leaf, basically, your interior walls. When this occurs you begin the get a damp in your home which will cause all kinds of problems. To avoid this from happening to your home, you need experts who offer the service of wall ties in Eastbourne.

Hire Skilled Surveyors

Never ignore rusty wall ties sooner or later your walls will begin to bulge and in the worst case scenario the outer part of your wall will collapse. When your wall ties need replaced hire skilled surveyors to do the task. Experienced and skilled surveyors have a wide-range of solutions to solve your wall tie problem. They will suggest the best structural repair for your home and also provide you with a specification or written report for the work they have done. After experts have removed and replaced all your old wall ties, your home gets back its strength. Cavity wall tie replacement will avert any need for upcoming major rebuilding work.

Benefits of Wall Tie Replacement

There are many benefits of wall tie replacement. Hiring experts that have the expertise in this line of work gives you peace of mind in knowing that the structure of your home will be safe and secure. Your home is an investment to you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take proper care of it and not neglect any home repairs that need to be done. if you would like more information about wall ties, contact CavityTech Systems Ltd today by visiting their website.

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