All throughout the southeast CavityTech Systems have provided wall tie replacements. If you need wall ties in Eastbourne, they can assist you with their affordable services. This type of replacement is guaranteed, so if your current walls are in disrepair a fully-trained, highly experienced surveyor has a whole variety of solutions to solve the problem. The most appropriate structural fix for your building will be recommended by the experts once they have inspected your property. You will then receive a report for the labour they recommend to be carried out.

Better Protect Your Home with Cavity Walls

Cavity walls have been offered to better protect structures from the elements. They are known to reduce the amount of heat lost throughout the perimeter walls since the twentieth century. The system of building comprises two walls separated by a cavity tied into strategic intervals using various forms of wall ties. They are commonly made of metal coated in zinc or bitumen. In the beginning of the 1980’s it became very obvious the wall ties were deteriorating much faster then what was anticipated. This level of deterioration eventually led to cavity wall tie replacements being immediately required. The BRE, estimated more than ten million homes in the UK may already be affected by this problem, but they have yet to be diagnosed.

Have Failing Cavity Wall Ties Replaced

There are many issues reported with failing cavity wall ties. There are problems ranging from minor issues to major issues resulting in total repair, and or replacement. Some minor problems associated with the cavity wall ties are from the horizontal and stepped cracking of the masonry (motor joints). Some major problems include bulging of walls that could possibly have an insufficient number of originalities installed. Wall ties can and will prevent most damage from ever recurring. It is the most efficient way to protect your home, and the most cost effective.

CavityTech Systems Ltd is one of the top providers when it comes to wall ties and damp proofing. Visit them online for more information.