Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Tile Roof

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Business, Construction and Maintenance

Are you a developer or builder planning to construct new homes? Or an existing homeowner thinking about replacing the roof on your house with a new one? Either way, you should definitely consider using roof tiles instead of otherwise traditional roofing material. Here are 5 important reasons why electing to go with roof tiles in Edinburgh is the better choice:

1. Appearance.

Clay or ceramic roofing tiles look striking and extravagant. They provide your home with a wonderfully exotic appearance that can seem both modern and traditional at the same time. Because of its well-appointed form, the use of this type of roof tile has become rather widespread and fashionable.

2. Durability.

Another reason for the popularity of ceramic roofing tiles is because they often last far longer than conventional wood shakes or shingles. They are highly resistant to all sorts of hostile weather conditions, including snow, rain, sleet, wind, and relentless sun. They tend not to fade from exposure to sun and moisture, and their value and appeal tend to actually improve with time. Many people prefer the ‘seasoned’ look of clay roof tiles. And they can withstand almost any force because of their unusual shape and strength.

3. Colours.

The great variety of vibrant and earthy colours and shades from which to choose is just one more reason to consider ceramic roof tiles. Why have a boring looking roof when, instead, your roof can display anything from the radiant hues of the United States desert southwest to brilliant Mediterranean tints? Summer rose, lava black, plumstone, desert sand, and aged copper are just some of the many colour capabilities offered for roof tiles.

4. Affordability.

Despite the fact that roof tiles appear almost luxurious compared to conventional roofing materials they are also surprisingly affordable. Even those on slender budgets will be amazed at what they can purchase for roof tiles in Edinburgh.

5. Fire Resistant.

More than any other type of roofing material, clay or ceramic roof tiles can withstand fire and heat exceptionally well. Because the materials they are made from are not typically combustible you will find that, in most cases, if your home for some reason does catch on fire, your roof will be spared. This is apart from the obvious advantage of reducing the likelihood that your roof could ever be the cause of a fire as well.

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