Timber Merchants in Bath – Is Anti-Slip Decking the Right Choice for Your Home?

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Business, Construction and Maintenance

Living in the United Kingdom means that year-round rainfall is to be expected, especially during winter. If you want your garden to represent a natural oasis where your young can frolic and you can socialise with friends, make sure safety is your main priority. Many timber merchants in Bath will sell a wide range of decking options, such as anti-slip decking. Designed to make slippery surfaces easier to walk on, this decking is covered with a coating that creates friction. Not sure about investing? Check out the facts.

Tough and Durable

Every homeowner will look for a long-lasting type of wood when getting the decking installed on their property grounds. Anti-slip decking is unique to other types of decking, because this safety flooring solution has a tough external solution applied to it when it is being manufactured. This protective coating resists cracking, even when faced with a lot of pressure. This makes it a great choice if you plan on inviting a lot of friends around for garden parties, or if you have children that may run over the surface regularly!

Simple to Clean

You won’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the decking, which is why anti-slip decking from timber merchants in Bath is a good investment. So well manufactured is it that it is not susceptible to damage from general wear and tear. The merchant will likely advise you on the best products to nourish and clean the wood. You can even use homemade gentle cleaning solutions to get rid of mould, debris, dirt and other marks.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

Many businesses now use anti-slip wood to get their decking crafted, because it adds a great deal of safety to the property grounds. There is less chance of falling or slipping on decking of this kind, even when it gets wet or icy. Usually, the surface will be slightly gritty and this creates friction between the decking and anything it comes into contact with. Even though the surface is different to other decking materials, it’s appearance is not affected. The anti-slip coating is breathable too, so the wood does not hold too much moisture and rot when faced with wet weather conditions.

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