Three Ways to improve your Home’s Exterior

by | May 2, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

If you have been looking at your home with a sense of boredom or even dread chances are it’s time to make some changes. Here are three upgrades you can make to your home to help add a little curb appeal without breaking the budget:

1. Garage Doors: Garage doors Edinburgh homes feature can really make or break a home’s exterior depending on where the garage is positioned. If your garage holds a prominent place in your home’s layout than adding new garage doors to your Edinburgh home will make a huge impact. You should look for doors that will enhance the style and era of your home so they blend in and improve the look of your home as opposed to causing contrast to your home and the rest of the neighbourhood. You can look for a more modern style, just avoid going to far away from the integrity of your home’s design. You can also consider adding some drama with black doors, look to your roof or brick for colour inspiration or even go for impact and flair with a fun colour such as red or cheerful yellow.

2. Front Door: Adding a new front door will set a welcoming tone to your home and draw attention to your entry. You can even look for a door with a window to bring in more natural light to your home. If space allows you can also add side windows with a solid door. Pets love these as they can sit and watch what is happening in the neighbourhood while you are at work. You can also consider a simple paint job or refinishing of your home’s original door or even dress it up with a new door knocker, mail slot and house numbers if a brand new door is not in the budget.

3. Windows: You can do a number of things to your windows from a complete replacement of your home’s windows to adding simple touches such as shutters or window boxes. Your windows have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home and an update, paint job or a little accessorizing will go a long way in keeping your home looking up to date and well maintained.

As you can see these are three easy and affordable ways to improve the exterior of your home. From garage doors in Edinburgh homes require to new doors or windows you can improve the curb appeal of your home with three easy ideas.

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