Three Uses for Domestic Skip Hire in Harlow

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Looking for a way to get rid of commercial and household waste? Perhaps you want to do your bit for the environment by recycling and disposing of waste properly? Whatever your reasons for investing in domestic skip hire in Harlow, it’s worth learning a little bit about these services before you contact a local company. A reliable company must be environment agency approved, and should offer fast delivery, permit arrangements, and a wide range of skips for the following uses.

New Housing Development

Recently, new waste and recycling guides were put into place for people who are planning new housing developments, and in order to abide by these guidelines, domestic skip hire in Harlow is a necessity. Building the home of your dreams is sure to be an exciting time, but according to the Waste Management and Recycling Statement, you must dispose of waste properly, whether it is through composting or recycling. A roll-on roll-off container would be suitable for this kind of job, because they can be delivered immediately, are available in various sizes, and can be used for non-compactable material, commercial waste and recyclable material.

Building Renovations

Are you landscaping the garden or updating the interior/exterior of your property? If so, skip hire in Harlow will be worthwhile for waste management. Containers can be conveniently delivered to your premises and collected for small and large-scale projects. The company you work with should be able to supply a skip that meets your budget and time constraints, and should also follow green practices. If your property is based near a public road or highway, you may need to apply for a skip permit, which should cost no more than £20 for two weeks.

Steel Disposal

The scrap and metal recycling industry is growing year after year, and there’s no wonder why. Metal has many uses and can be recycled to make a broad scope of products, which is why you should consider paying for skip hire in Harlow for your next steel disposal project. The company you hire skips from will deliver and collect the container. The contents of the container will be separated into ferrous and non ferrous metal scrap piles, so that new metals can be smelted and formed to create brand new products.

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