Washing machines in Evesham are an essential household item. The more you use the appliance, the more wear and tear it will face, therefore it’s a good idea to invest in a washing machine that is designed to last for many years. Modern appliances offer advanced washing cycles, efficient energy ratings and fast spin speeds, but how do you choose between the many brands and styles on offer? Well, by focusing on the key features and benefits, you can make your investment go a long way.


The reliability of the washing machines in Evesham will depend on the price you pay and the brand you choose. Recommended brands like Miele claim that their appliances last for 20 years or more, and with long warranties available, you can feel confident that you will be spending your money wisely and avoiding costly repairs. To prevent potential problems, such as standard mechanical breakdown, choose one that has gone through rigorous testing. You should also pay some thought to the annual running cost when choosing a model, because the more reliable it is, the less it will cost to run.

Energy Rating

When you go shopping for washing machines in Evesham you will notice that most appliances are marked with an energy label. This label may read A+++, A++, A+ or A, with A+++ being the best. The label is chosen based on how much water and energy the washing machine uses each time a cycle is run. Although it’s best to spend your money on a machine that has a high rating, it’s important to remember that the machines that use the least water and energy tend to produce the worst results.


Whether you choose integrated or free standing washing machines in Evesham, there are certain features to look for. These are:

1. Quiet Performing – Nobody wants to invest in a washing machine that causes a racket, so why not browse quiet performing models? If the machine has a sound level of 50 dB(A), it’s worth buying.

2. Intelligent Systems – Intelligent systems will tell you how much detergent and softener to use each time you run a cycle.

3. Gentle Wash – Washing machines with gentle wash technology don’t wear down the fibres in clothes. They are designed to clean gentle materials, like lace, silk and satin.

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