Three Telltale Signs That You Need Central Heating in Aberdeenshire Replaced

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Business

Keeping the home warm throughout winter is a necessity for most homeowners. Enhanced comfort is a major benefit associated with heating systems, but unless you maintain your system properly and get professional installation, things may start to go wrong. From soaring energy bills to faulty thermostat settings, there are a number of ways in which the device can malfunction. To spend less on repairs and get issues dealt with in a timely manner, focus on the following gas central heating problems.

Faulty Timer Clock

A lot of people who have central heating in Aberdeenshire fitted inside their property will deal with temperature issues as a result of the timer clock being faulty. When it is not set to the correct time, room temperatures will not be set properly. There are a few ways to solve this issue, such as by using the ‘zone control’ option, setting the thermostat correctly, resetting it or replacing the old thermostat with a new one. If none of these solutions work, call in a professional for swift repairs or for a full timer clock replacement.

Radiator Issues

Central heating systems transport hot water to pipes around the home, and these pipes are used to heat up the radiators. If the radiators do not heat like they are supposed to, this is a sign that the central heating in Aberdeenshire needs servicing, tweaking, replacing or repairing. Some things you can do to deal with radiator issues are bleed the radiator, inspect it for sludge blockages or reset the thermostat. If all radiators are not working and the boiler pilot light is not lit, it will be time to call in an expert plumber.

Unusual Noises

The electrical supply to the boiler could be failing if there is absolutely no sound whatsoever when you turn the boiler on. By checking the electrical supply you can rule out the possibilities of an underlying problem. Funny noises can also be caused by air in the system and these noises may include gargling, hissing, hammering or banging. Creaking noises may also arise if the central heating system was not installed in the correct way, or if the pipes fit too closely to the floor. The reason for this is because pipes contract when they are cold and expand when they heat up, so get them checked as soon as possible.

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