Have you been thinking about contacting timber merchants in Bristol who can help with replacing a rotting porch post? Perhaps you want to get decking or fences fitted around your property? Whatever your wood requirements, sawn oak is a good choice. This long-lasting, attractive type of wood can be purchased in abundance from a reliable supplier. If you’re torn between sawn oak and other materials, check out the advantages associated with this wood.

Fast to Produce

You won’t have to wait a lot of time for sawn oak to be produced when you contact timber merchants in Bristol. If you are in a rush to get home improvements completed, the speed at which wood can be produced is important, making sawn oak a worthwhile choice. Ideal for fencing and landscaping, it can be used to construct a wide range of fixings for the home and garden. A log will be cut radially to give the oak a vertical appearance, and this attractive figuring makes it stand out against other types of wood.

Visually Appealing

The decorative effect of sawn oak has a ribbon-like appearance. With the flecks and grains in its patterns, it will look good against any backdrop. Most timber merchants in Bristol would describe this would as rather dramatic in its appearance because when produced, the rings of the tree will still be visible. Plenty of different finishes are available and it can be matched well with contemporary or traditional features. A ground colour will usually be made with dye to create a finish for sawn oak, before a barrier coat is applied. This barrier coat will protect it from weather damage and damp, which can cause wood to rot.

An Affordable Option

Sawn oak from timber merchants will bring warmth into the home or the garden for an affordable price. This is what makes it highly desirable but to ensure you pay the right price, it’s essential that you compare quotes from a number of companies first. Some things that will affect the price include the grade of the wood, the dimensions you require, the amount of wood, and the type of job being carried out. For example. a small sawn oak fence won’t cost as much as a large area of decking.

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