Whenever you need any glass-related jobs completed, you can call on glass suppliers in Sutton to assist. Professionals working in this industry will be able to install, replace and repair glass that meets worldwide safety standards. From shop front replacements to shower glass door installation, these industry experts will provide a broad scope of services to enhance both the safety and appearance of commercial and residential properties. If you want to put your home on the market, but want to attract offers close to the asking price, why not make home improvements with the following types of glass installation?

Fire-Resistant Glass Installation

Increase protection and get peace of mind by hiring glass suppliers in Sutton for the installation of fire-resistant glass. The thickness of this glass is five times that of normal glass, and it can be applied to windows and doors with ease. Fire-resistant glass meets Building Regulations making it ideal for businesses, and the strength can be increased when installation is combined with approved and fully tested glazing systems. When exposed to flames the surface becomes fractured, but does not shatter. The glass withstands high temperatures, therefore the protection is there from the minute the fire breaks out.

uPVC Window and Door Installation

Want to increase home value and safety, while adding aesthetic appeal to the property? If so, get a quote for the installation of uPVC windows and doors from recommended glass suppliers in Sutton. A great addition to any home, unplasticised poly vinyl chloride glass can be fitted with various finishes, such as cherry wood and wood grain finishes. Stronger than other window and door options, uPVC offers great insulation and requires hardly any maintenance whatsoever. Resistant to noise, these windows and doors cannot be forced open, making them a good choice if you want to deter intruders.

Glass Splash backs

You can contact glass suppliers in Sutton for the installation of glass splash backs, which are a popular home improvement option for most kitchens. Available in various colours, styles and sizes, glass splash backs create an attractive reflection and can be fitted with special features, such as photo prints and LED lighting. A professional glass supplier will need to scope and measure before installing the splash back, which is easy to wipe down and could improve overall kitchen hygiene.

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