Do the names Bentayga, Continental GT, Flying Spur and Mulsanne ring a bell?  They most certainly would to an aficionado of Bentley motor cars; they are the model names of the current line-up of vehicles.

Although the model names may not immediately ring a bell, the origin of the name of the vehicle is easy to ascertain, the company dates back to 1909 when it was founded by whom else but Walter Owen Bentley. For many years and for many reasons Bentley Motors struggled, first the market crash in 1929 strangled the demand for such a high end vehicle, then came Rolls Royce which failed in 1970, Vickers came into the picture and finally in 2003 Volkswagen became the sole provider of Bentley motor cars and BMW absorbed Rolls Royce into its organisation.

After a significant investment in the Crewe factory in the UK, Bentley once again regained its rightful spot among the leading luxury car manufacturers in the world. The demand for the vehicle grew exponentially, to the point where Bentley car hire in London became a necessity and a reality.

It is a classic understatement on the part of the British to consider a 135 thousand pound car to be ‘”entry level” but apparently that is the logic used by the super rich. The Flying Spur is based on the Continental GT, it is available with a 500 HP V8 or a 616 HP W-12.

Bentley car hire in London offer the W-12 version, next to the Rolls Royce Ghost series 2 and the Mercedes S600 Maybach, the Bentley Flying Spur is considered to be the ultimate in luxury sedans.

The Flying Spur W-12 is extremely popular for use as a wedding car and it is the vehicle of choice for business leaders, when coupled with a chauffeur, this vehicle is perfect for people who radiate a look of power and wealth.

Purchasing a Bentley automobile that is well outside the possibilities of the average individual, not only that; people who live in London often find that a car is simply not necessary due to the excellent public transport infrastructure. For business executives arriving at either one of London’s main airports it is nice to know that that such a luxurious and impressive vehicle is available for them to use during their stay. Bentley car hire in London is equally attractive to local’s who wish to make a special night of it, perhaps attending the theatre or arriving in style at one of London’s premier clubs.