Although James Bond is well known for having his vodka martinis shaken not stirred, the truth is; a well made automobile, just like a well made martini, should never shake or be shaken. People may wish to shake their martinis, every man to himself but when it comes to the design and manufacture of an Aston Martin DB9; shaking is not something that will be tolerated. Aston Martin takes pride in producing a car that packs a punch but it delivers it like silk.

This iconic automobile dates back to the 1950s when the 2.0 litre DB1 started winning races at Goodwood and Silverstone. Today the 2.0 litre engine has grown in size to 6.0 litres and it continues to win races in its class. The difference is not only the engine, it is the luxury and sophistication that comes along with it; truly a car that a man in a tuxedo is expected to arrive in.

If you have a desire to emulate 007 or you wish to impress corporate and personal connections, then a call or visit to a company that specialises in Aston Martin car hire in London is all that it takes.

When you opt to hire an Aston Martin you immediately show that you are a person with understated taste, the British way one might say. The powerful engine gets the vehicle to 180 mph plus in just over 4 seconds and it does it with restraint. Driving it is one thing, just starting it is an experience rarely enjoyed; when the exhaust by pass vale opens there is a throaty note that is arguably the world’s most beautiful automobile sound. Top up or top down, this car paints a picture of refined elegance shrouded in pure power.

With all this unbridled power you might think that the rest of the car would be quite basic, if you do think this you are very wrong. An executive, a well known personality or a highly paid sportsman expects the best and they get it with Aston Martin car hire in London. The interior appears as if it was handcrafted by a saddle maker, it is all done out in handcrafted leather, the instrument panel and trim is made from beautifully finished walnut burl while the switch gear is highly polished glass.

You don’t have to own an Aston Martin; Aston Martin car hire in London makes it possible for you to enjoy your martini “shaken, not stirred.”