Wooden floors are beautiful and make your home look classy until they are attacked by woodworms. They can completely ruin your beautiful leaving it unsightly to look at and leading to high costs in repairs. You cannot afford to allow the worms to continue ruining your floor: you need to cure your floor from woodworms.


Not all pesticide is safe for woodworm treatment in Edinburgh. Before you use the pesticide, look for the HSE number. The number is given to all pesticides approved by the Control of Pesticides regulations. The number appears on the label. Take note that anti-fungal pesticides are not good for treating woodworms.

Surfaces to Treat

The whole flooring materials should be sprayed and coated with the insecticide. This includes the plates, joists, underside of the floor, and the top part of the floor. If any part is not treated, then it may lead to a reoccurrence of the woodworm infestation. You do not have to undo the floor as you can go to the basement and spray the underside of the floor from there. Take care so that the insecticide does to lead to health problems. Wear a mask and protective clothing.

Amount of insecticide to use

It is estimated that insecticide that is 0.75 times more the square area of your floor should be sufficient. For example, if your floor is 4 by 6, then you need 4x6x0.75 litres of insecticide for your floor.

How to cure

Make sure that there is no one and nothing I the room you are working on. Remove all dusts from the floor ad any flooring timber that cannot be accessed from underneath. Switch off the power feeding any electrical circuits in the room.

Our technicians observe safety first when treating your wooden floors. Richardson and Starling is a professional company that uses approved woodworm treatment in Edinburgh on your floor. Trusted or trained experts to handle the menace in a professional and efficient way. Trying to treat the worm on your own can be tasking endeavour, call the experts, we are happy to help.