One of the most common occurrences with a building, especially older ones is dampness. Dampness can take place in any type of structure where the finish is not completed properly to prevent the building from becoming wet and damp. There are various reasons to why a building can suffer from dampness such as improper maintenance to the property, unsuitable construction materials, and even the absence of damp proofing in Devon. If you suspect your building suffers from dampness consider contacting a professional company to properly diagnose the problem and to learn how the issue can be solved.

How Dampness can affect Your Building

There are three main common types of damp penetrating, condensation, and rising dampness. You want to have the problem properly diagnosed so you can find an affordable and effective way to solve the issue. Symptoms of dampness can range from noticing water droplets on the walls or windows of the home to paint or wallpaper crumbling. Dampness can lead to your building decaying and start to crumble which can make it impossible to remodel or decorate your structure. It can even cause mould to grow in your home or building making the environment unhealthy for people to be in.

It is Vital to Hire a Professional to Damp Proof Your Home or Building

A contractor that has experience of working with damp buildings have the knowledge and skills required to help remedy the issue. They can provide you with the latest in tools and techniques that will remove the dampness from your structure and prevent it from occurring again. Pest Eradication (West) have been providing the community of Devon with over 70 years of service in treating dampness. They offer their clients with lasting results and provide the highest possible care in remedying the problem for commercial and residential properties.