Stay Safe While Working on Scaffolding

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

If you need scaffolding for your next big project at home or on the jobsite, safety needs to be your first and foremost concern. For the homeowner, it is your safety and the safety of your family that is at stake. For the business owner or manager, it is the safety of the work team that is at stake. This is why when you are looking at your options for scaffolding hire Edinburgh experts who know how to stay safe!

Here are three ways to keep anyone safe while working on scaffolding:

* Take the time and make sure you do quality prep work. Before anyone ever climbs up on the scaffold, it is important to take time and do a safety check- are the braces set, the leg son level flat ground, is everything in place and secure? Scan the location for hazards like uneven ground, holes, and items that could knock into the scaffolding or hit someone while they are up on it working.

* Acknowledge and adhere to the load capacity. Almost all scaffolding accidents and injuries result from not following the safety guidelines and instructions. All scaffolding systems have a weight limits and it is important to make sure the scaffolding can hold the weight you are going to require for the work to be done. You also should not crowd workers onto a single scaffold- if you need more workers or equipment than can comfortably and safely fit, get a second scaffold to use.

* Make sure to use all recommended Personal Protective Equipment. There is not much needed in the way of PPE so make sure you do not skimp on quality to try and save some money. You will need head protection, fall guards, and slip protection regardless of the work being done or the type of scaffolding that is being used.

As you consider the options for scaffolding hire Edinburgh experts who know how to stay safe and talk to Check-It Scaffold Services LTD! Visit site for more details on scaffolding hire.

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