Maintaining a good oral health regime is the key to avoiding problems associated with plaque, cavities and gum disease. Brushing the teeth twice a day, flossing frequently and steering clear of acidic foods are three ways in which you can hinder the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Even if you take care to look after your teeth, there are some unexpected incidents that may result in a trip to dentists in Cheshire for emergency treatment. By focusing on the signs of a problem, you can get symptoms relieved with assistance from a qualified dentist.

Common Mouth Injuries

Dentists in Cheshire will deal with a broad range of mouth injuries on a daily basis, from dental trauma in the form of chips and minor fractures to broken, cracked and knocked out teeth These common issues are easily dealt with but if ignored, could cause tooth sensitivity or dental abscesses, which is a formation of pus that if not treated, can spread to other areas of the mouth. During an emergency appointment, the professional will inspect the affected area, before applying a cold compress and deciding which type of treatment would work best.

Dental Pain

Everyone has experienced some kind of dental pain in their life, whether it is toothache or pain arising as a result of a migraine. To determine its etiology, the dentist will evaluate the cause of the oral pain to find out if the problem is mild inflammation of the tooth pulp, a severely inflamed pulp, a lesion that needs treating, an apical abscess or something more serious. Whatever type of dental pain you experience it is imperative that you arrange for a general check-up at your nearest dentist, so that if it is an infection, it can be dealt with before it worsens.

Soft Tissue Inflammation

When soft tissue in the mouth becomes sore to the touch, it is time to visit a dentist. Soft tissue inflammation occurs as a result of bacteria build-up. Pus will form around the area and this mixture of dead and live cells will contain enzymes. The reason why pus forms is because the body uses white blood cells to remove bacteria from the area. Over time, you may experience chewing pressure and heat sensitivity. Some of the tests dentists in Cheshire will perform include temperature testing and gentle tooth tapping.

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