Signs it is Time for New Windows

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

As a homeowner, you are responsible for every aspect of your home. Unfortunately, it is not always completely obvious when it is time to replace some components – including the windows. However, the fact is that purchasing new windows can improve the appearance and the energy efficiency of your home, in addition to other benefits. Now the question is how do you tell it is time to replace your windows in Glasgow?

Some signs that will let you know it is time for this renovation are highlighted here.

Your Home Feels Drafty

The first, and most apparent, sign that you need to have new windows installed is if you notice a draft. When you get close to the window, if you feel any air leaking or blowing from around the frames, you definitely have an issue. All of the windows in your home should be airtight, which will prevent any leakage in or out of the room. Not only will drafts be an issue for your comfort, it will also wind up being expensive.

Windows are Difficult to Open

If you are living or working in a space that has older wood framed windows, then you may, eventually, discover that it is extremely challenging to open and to close your windows. If this is your current situation, chances are that as the years passed the repeated swelling and the persistent warping have reduced the smooth function of your window. Inclement weather, excessive cold or heat can all contribute to the continued deterioration of wooden window frames, eventually leading to replacement.

Windows Appear Cloudy and Foggy

Do you look outside and see dirty and cloudy looking panes? If so, then chances are over the years, the condensation has permeated through the glass seal. When this occurs it creates a look of fogginess that seems as though it won’t go away. If you want a great looking, crystal clear view to the outside world, it may be time to purchase new windows.

Higher Energy Bills

If you are tired of excessive energy bills and you still have creaky and old windows, you likely know it is time to make a change. If your energy costs continue to rise, then installing new and energy efficient options are a great way to decrease your costs. While purchasing new windows can be a larger initial investment, it will reduce your utility bills as time passes.

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