Take a look at the interior and exterior of your home – is it in need of updating? If so, or if you want to make a good profit when putting the home on the market, consider hiring builders in Maidstone for assistance. A licensed, insured and skilled builder will be able to perform a number of jobs that will make the home more visually appealing and safer, while boosting the value! By investing in the following services, the home can be adapted and will stand out when featured in the competitive property market.

Garage and Loft Conversions

Considered a permitted development, a loft or garage conversion will maximise the amount of living space you have in the home. In addition to creating liveable space, loft space can also be used as a storage area. This means you can free up room in other areas of the property without having an adverse impact on the building itself. There will be some building regulations to think about at this stage, such as the floor’s structural strength, sound insulation and the stability of the overall structure. Don’t forget to think about escape routes and exits, so that you can make your way out of the garage or loft conversion safely in the event of a fire.

Updating the Windows

One of the main services offered by builders in Maidstone will be the installation of double glazing. Windows with two panes are better than windows with a single pane because aside from improving insulation and helping the home retain heat, windows like this will last for decades. There will be a certain amount of maintenance involved, but the best thing is that you can choose from numerous frame styles, like timber, aluminium, PVC and composite, which is an energy-efficient choice.

Fences, Gates and Walls

A great way of securing your home and deterring trespassers, fences, gates and walls will add an element of privacy to a residential or commercial space. Builders in Maidstone will offer a broad selection of aesthetically pleasing fences, and some preferred styles include pitch fences, sculptural fences and wrought iron fences. Alternatively, introduce a natural stone, concrete or wooden wall. A gate will add a finishing touch, and some ideas include Spanish style driveway gates, contemporary gates or cottage-style gates.

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