Securing your Garage against crime and invasions

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Ok, so we are not quite talking about invasions of aliens or the zombie apocalypse but invasions concerning riots or gang violence is not unheard of. Back in 2010 when the London Riots—which affected many other major cities in the United Kingdom—happened, shop windows and store fronts were completely ruined and vandalized. High streets were set on fire and buildings containing millions of pounds of merchandize were destroyed in a matter of minutes. Most of those invasions happened because, while the security was highly adequate for a regular possibility of a burglary, the security was totally inadequate for the type of vandalism caused by people during the riots.

Adequate Protection and Security, when you need it

In those cases—which cannot be predicted much before they happen—the buildings were always going to be vulnerable, as were the contents. There was very little preparation that the business owners could have done that day and most of them were just wanting to close up shop and hide in the safety of their homes.

However, those isolated incidents are literally that—isolated—and while the riots in 2010 were very costly for more than one reason they were also a strong lesson in security and being prepared for any and all eventuality and possibility. Southampton was lucky compared to places like Croydon and Tottenham, but it is likely that there are a few stronger garage doors in Southampton and shop front roller shutters in place today because of that night.

Being Secure with Style

Your new garage door doesn’t have to be a boring flat folding metal or wooden object. It can actually be a perfect enhancement to your home and offer added security at minimal costs. A good solid garage door can help keep your car safe—although it is a commonly known fact that we tend to keep the rubbish in the garage and the car outside of it. A good garage door can also add value to your home because if it is lockable and has aesthetic beauty it can make for excellent ‘curb appeal’ if, and when you decide to sell your home. So, there are many benefits to having a brand new door on your garage.

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