Sectional Doors in Edinburgh Offer the Optimum Solution for Your Garage

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Most properties are fitted with an attached garage nowadays. This garage is normally used to conceal vehicles, mechanical devices and garden tools, among many other things. Whatever you use your garage for, consider getting sectional doors in Edinburgh installed for added security and convenience. Available in varying widths and heights, sectional doors will fit anywhere and could save a lot of space. Additionally they are sealed all round, making them a weather-proof solution that is sure to stand the test of time.

What Makes Sectional Doors Different?

Unlike other types of garage doors, sectional doors in Edinburgh open vertically. Most measure six metres wide and three metres high, but some manufacturers can customise the size to suit your needs. Even if your property is designed with an arched opening, sectional doors can be installed. Tracks will be fitted inside the garage for the door to be able to rise vertically. With no swing-out motion, you can make the most of the space on your driveway. What’s more, the vertical opening allows you to make use of extra room inside the garage.

Will it Suit My Garage?

It is very rare that sectional doors in Edinburgh will not suit a property however, if the ceilings are low inside your garage and headroom is minimal, the person fitting the doors may have difficulty getting the job done. Most manufacturers will sell doors with low headroom but if not, it is possible that the door tracks can be fitted onto low rafters, if the garage has any. To ensure there are no safety risks, make sure the pedestrian door and tracks do not overlap. To rule out the possibility of a complication with installation, hire a professional to inspect your garage before you buy.

Maintaining the Door

By spending a few minutes every week maintaining the garage doors, you can extend their lifespan and get your money’s worth. Additionally, you can avoid what could otherwise turn into expensive repairs and replacements. Sectional doors are crafted with a number of moving parts that can corrode and rust, unless you maintain them that is. Lubricant will come in handy if the hinges are getting stiff or squeaking. Inspect the attached cables for fraying and make sure all of the bolts are tightly in place, because these bolts hold the track securely.

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