Replace Old Doors with New Steel Doors

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance, Industrial Goods and Services

There is a great advantage to replacing old doors with new steel doors. Steel doors are known to be more energy efficient and lower the cost of your heating and cooling. They are also great for use in businesses that need to install fire escape doors or security doors. Old doors across the United Kingdom are being replaced with new steel doors designed to fit many building requirements. Do not be fooled into thinking that steel doors are unattractive. There are many new laminates and veneers on the market that can turn a drab steel door into a dramatic and appealing fixture. When you are looking for durable steel doors in Grays, be sure to contact experts in the steel door industry.

The Durability, Strength and Security of Steel Doors

Steel is a very strong metal that is used in many industries. It is most commonly used to fabricate steel doors that are durable, strong and secure. Steel doors have been protecting businesses and homes for many years and have only increased in value. They offer you the protection you need and have many aesthetic designs that make them attractive and appealing to businesses that have a lot of foot traffic. Steel doors are used as entrances to buildings, in the back of buildings, as security doors, acoustic doors and as fire escape doors.

Steel Doors Made to Measure

One of the most important factors of installing steel doors is the fit. A steel door company is going to have many expert technicians that are highly capable of measuring door dimensions for you. This is recommended since steel doors come in varying sizes. You need to be sure the steel door you want installed will fit where you need it. Let the professionals handle this task for you and ensure that your steel doors are going to be installed on time and in a manner that makes your establishment look pleasing. This also includes choosing the finish of your new steel doors. It never hurts to ask if there is the ability to match the rest of your building or even choose a complimenting colour.

Purchase Fire Rated Doors that Are Certified

If you are replacing older doors that are not fire certified, you will feel more at ease when you have ordered fire resistant doors made from steel. Fire resistant steel doors have been designed to keep your property and personnel protected from fire flames that spread, and from smoke for up to one to four hours. Protect yourself and your business with this wise investment.

BIS Door Systems offers free quotes to customers that call to inquire about steel doors in Grays. Let their competent and expert technicians assist you in finding the steel doors that work best for your business.

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