Are you working in a difficult set up or on a job site that has its fair share of problems that make traditional concrete pouring difficult or impossible? Are you on a building site with restricted access? This is actually more common than you may realize but many basic concrete pumping companies are not set up to handle these difficult situations. We understand that even small restrictions and obstacles can create major problems from concrete pouring and can put an entire job on hold. We have worked to perfect our delivery and pumping methods and can work with a variety of challenging situations. Our pump trucks are able to receive concrete straight from the mixer as it is pumped through up to 65 metres of pipeline. We have made concrete pumping in Cardiff as easy and stress free as possible!

Why Choose Us for Your Next Building Project?

We can pump concrete to your job site through any obstacles that might present themselves. The concrete pumps we use go around, through or under obstructions, making it possible to get your concrete into places others simply cannot get to without a lot of hassle, headache, cost, and mess. Whether you are going downhill or going up steps there is no issue for us. We have successfully completed countless job sites in South Wales, Bristol, Cardiff, and the Newport areas. There is no need to clutter the work site, block off roads and access points, or bypass close access points due to tiny work areas. Our pumping system is small and compact and can fit where others can’t and can also pump more concrete faster than any other system on the market. All of this is yours with less mess and hassle!

Our experts guarantee to make your life easier through laying concrete and we can help you stay on schedule and on budget with any size project you may have. Contact us today to see what concrete pumping in Cardiff can be like.