Properties and businesses which can be particularly vulnerable to fires

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Securities

Although every single property can be potentially vulnerable to a fire breaking out, there are properties where this likelihood is much higher which means that special measures need to be taken to ensure that it is protected to a high standard. For example, a regular office building that does not have any potentially dangerous appliances on site is most likely to be at a low level of risk from a fire breaking out, yet it will still require fire alarms in Newport as fires can be caused by other offices nearby. However, particular properties can be at high risk which includes agricultural and industrial properties that are regularly utilising large pieces of machinery and materials that increases the risk of fire breaking out. As well as this, many residential properties can be at risk from a fire breaking out either due to cooking appliances or from other electrical appliances that are used negligently. In all of these properties mentioned, it is absolutely crucial that fire alarms in Newport are in place so that the interior of the property is covered when it comes to detecting a fire. Below are some further details on some of the properties that are at a particularly high level of risk from fires and how this risk can be taken into account when forming a safety plan.

Workshops and factories

Any property that is utilising large pieces of machinery is always at risk from a fire breaking out, while this risk can be further increased when different mixtures of chemicals are used that may be flammable and must be treated with extreme caution. This is why many workshops and factories are particularly vulnerable to fires breaking out, and it is the responsibility of the property owners to ensure that an effective fire safety plan is in place to protect the property. There should always be fire extinguishers on site and the property must also have fire alarms so that everyone can be alerted in the event of a fire.

Residential homes

Anyone using appliances at their home need to be cautious in order to prevent a fire from breaking out. For example, if you use a gas cooker then you need to ensure that you are using it safely at all times, and you should also be sure that your electrical appliances are not near water as this can be dangerous.

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