CCTV Cameras Around Cardiff

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Securities

There a whole lot of different types of CCTV cameras in Cardiff these days. These closed circuit television systems have been popping up more and more around the city. You might have noticed a camera every now and again. The fact is they are a great type of security system that can be used in conjunction with intruder alarm systems that make the protection of your property a cinch.

Types of Cameras

There are a great variety of cameras to choose from for your closed circuit television system. Here are just a few you can have:

• Internal Static (Fixed) Dome Cameras

• Covert Cameras

• Infra-Red Cameras

• Full 1080p High Resolution Cameras

Internal Static (Fixed) Dome Camera

These types of cameras are a solid choice for anyone who is trying to overlook a large open area. They tend to have a decent resolution and can be fitted on to a majority of surfaces. They are pretty light weight and with their obvious appearance can work as a deterrent to any malign actions

Covert Camera

These types of cameras are often used to keep close watch on highly vital areas. They are designed in such a manner that their appearance is not immediately recognised. Not necessarily the best resolution camera type but advances have been made to increase definition of video quality.

Infra-Red Camera

Infra-red cameras are used in conjunction with infra-red lighting. This type of lighting is not visible by the human eye but the camera picks it up and the images show appear as if in daylight. This allows for the surveillance of areas of lower or no illumination. These are put to best use in outdoor areas where lighting is limited and you require a watchful eye during the night time hours.

Full 1080p High Resolution Camera

These are the highest quality cameras with the highest resolutions available. You’ll be able to pick up even the minute details from any of the video taken by these types of cameras. Choosing one of these closed circuit cameras will ensure that you’re able to get every detail of anyone or anything that enters into its viewing radius.

These four cameras are just a few of the choices you’re going to have with your closed circuit television security system. Contact a local security specialist today and discuss the best types of cameras and the overall design of your new CCTV system. You won’t regret making the change to CCTV.

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