Preparing for Assistance from Professional Companies Offering Removals in West Lothian

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Business

When you realise that you no longer have enough room to store personal belongings, it’s time to get in touch with a professional company specialising in removals in West Lothian. Many companies around the United Kingdom have secure and monitored warehouses, where customers keep their possessions locked up. A preferred option for people who want to de-clutter, storage can be used following relocation, renovations or a downsizing project. Once you have compared estimates from reliable companies, prepare for the arrival of those moving vans by taking the following things into your own hands.


Perhaps the most important thing to think about is insurance because without it, you might end up out-of-pocket in the event of lost, stolen or damaged items. Despite this, the chances of goods getting lost, stolen or damaged will be minimal if you work with the right company. Dependable companies offering assistance with removals in West Lothian will use quality trucks, pallets and other equipment to safely transport items. Find out what can and cannot be moved ahead of the big day because some things may not be covered by insurance.


You could save a lot of money if you do some of the packing yourself. Blankets, bubble wrap and newspaper are some essential packing materials to protect fragile items from getting damaged. Always remember to label items, so that they do not get damaged by heavier items. The price you pay for removals in West Lothian will depend on the time it takes to get the job done and the labour. To ease the process, make sure you have enough boxes and provide the professional with information to make his or her job easier, such as the contents of each box, the room destination, etc. Will any fixtures, wiring or appliances be in the way of the removal professional when he or she enters the property? Be clear at the beginning to avoid potential problems.

Storage Options

There are two main types of storage to choose between for removals in West Lothian – self-storage and containerised storage. Self-storage is a flexible option because it offers unlimited free access and there are various sizes available. Containerised storage on the other hand will be concealed inside a warehouse. Locked and monitored by CCTV, this storage option is ideal for de-cluttering and can be transported directly to your place of residence.

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