Creating a Checklist for Those All-Important Removals in Edinburgh

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Business

Are you preparing to move home? If so, you may have already decided on a moving date, which should not be a busy time such as a bank holiday or weekend. The National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS) will be able to supply names of approved members in your area. The NGRS complies with the terms of a code of practice, so you can feel confident that the people they recommend will get the job done to a satisfactory standard. Before you gather estimates and exchange contracts, discover how you can transfer utilities properly by crafting a checklist.

Being Prepared

First things first, take out some form of insurance to make sure your possessions are covered during transit. Most companies that specialise in removals in Edinburgh will be covered by insurance, so that if something gets lost on the way or becomes damaged in the process, you won’t be affected financially.

Aside from focusing on the insurance, get the following things done ahead of the move, too:

1. Hire a team of professional cleaners to make the house spotless before you leave.

2. Donate, sell or recycle unwanted items.

3. Create a fact file detailing the household items you will leave behind.

4. Put all keys for the home in one pile.

In addition to doing the above things, you can make the removal process slightly easier for the professional movers by making a scale plan of each room. Labels and colour-coded boxes will help the movers better understand what is going where. Remember that the less time it takes to get the job done, the less you will likely pay for their labour.

Finding a Removal Firm

As soon as you track down a company that deals with removals in Edinburgh, contracts will be exchanged and dates will be set. Don’t choose the cheapest, but choose the firm with the strongest background history and best reviews. When you gather written estimates from a handful of recommended companies, find out if cartons, crates, boxes, packing materials and VAT are included in the price. The movers will want to know how they can gain entry to your property, if fixtures will be in the way during the removal process, etc. To ensure the job is done as quickly as possible, ask the movers to visit and inspect your property before the big day.

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