Options for Cleaning Your Plumbing Pipes

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When you notice that backflow of water into your sink or shower, it’s time to get a hold of a plumber who will provide professional drain clearance in Crawley. A number of different things blocks drains, but the most common culprits are tree roots, debris buildup, and household objects that were accidentally dropped down a drain or flushed down the toilet. When the plumber arrives, he or she will assess the situation and determine the best method for removing the blockage. Here are some ways the plumber may choose to clear the drain.

Drain Rodding

One of the most common methods of drain clearance in Crawley is called drain rodding. Long rods are inserted into the pipes and used to break apart the debris or push it further down into the system with the hopes that it will eventually flush out. This method is often effective, which is why it’s the go-to method for many plumbers. It does not require a ton of time or equipment, so if it’s effective at removing the blockage, you should have your plumbing system working normally again in no time.

Drain Jetting

Jetting is a method that takes a bit more time and requires jetting equipment. Water jets are thread through your plumbing system and high-pressure water is then forced into the pipes. The force of the water breaks down debris blockages, and can even break apart rotted tree roots that are blocking the free flow of water. Plumbers use different sizes and types of water jets for drain clearance in Crawley, and this method is safe for all plumbing systems and works for all types of blockages.

Root Cutting

This method is reliable and the plumber knows for a fact that the source of the blockage is tree roots. The plumber may use a camera scope to look inside the pipes before choosing the root cutting method. If the plumber can reach the tree roots, he or she will attempt to cut them apart and either remove the root from the plumbing system or try to flush it out. In many cases, you will need further repair after the removal of the root, as it probably caused some breakage to the pipe. If you need drain clearance in Crawley, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber and get the situation assessed before more damage is done to the system.

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