Most of us will spend more time at work than anywhere else in our lives. Employment is not just for the career-orientated – it’s for everyone who needs an income to meet their daily needs. In essence, an employment contract between an employer and an employee is in place for the protection of both parties. The employer offers a salary as well as legally required benefits, and the employee agrees to deliver certain work and output in exchange for the money offered. This is put in very simple terms and, when dealing with human beings, nothing is simple. It is as a result of the many problems that occur when putting these contracts into practice that employment lawyers are often needed to resolve issues.

Over the years, governments have become increasingly involved in overseeing employment contracts to ensure that employees are not exploited. Thus, a maximum number of working hours per week is stipulated; after this time, an employee is due an overtime rate (but even the number of overtime hours is limited). Health and safety has also formed part of legislation, as all employers need to ensure that their employees are not in harm’s way while they are at work. The number of days’ leave for holidays or sick leave is also stipulated, but there are still many areas where the contract between the employer and the employee needs to be negotiated. Many companies insist on a dress code; some even stipulating the number of earrings one can wear in order to maintain a professional image. In short, employment law is a complex issue, overlaid with personal preferences and expectations and it is almost impossible to highlight and delineate every possible eventuality. Hence the importance of consulting employment lawyers whether you are in Portsmouth or anywhere else in the UK. You can click here to get more information.

Finding Employment Lawyers in Portsmouth

All legal firms are regulated by the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, but there are many different fields of law so it would be important to find attorneys who specialise in employment law. Just as with marine law, taxation and many other areas, each part of the law has specific legislation, much of it being updated from time to time. Working with a firm that specialises in this field will give both employer and employee a better chance of winning their case based on the knowledge and experience that these lawyers will have built up. From drawing up an employment contract, to achieving settlement agreements, to dealing with retrenchment or gender or racial discrimination, you need expert advice. The waters of law are impossible to navigate if you are not in the hands of lawyers who do this type of work on a regular basis.

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