Money Transfer to India from UK

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Finance

When you send money online, how can you be assured that an online money transfer service is trustworthy and efficient? If it is your first time to send money online, which services should you choose? Do not simply base your choice on a company’s popularity and the amount of their advertisements, because you might be disappointed. Instead, you should try to conduct personal research on the background, services, and feedback on these companies.

A reliable money transfer to India from UK service should be able to provide a detailed private policy that indicates how your personal information is used and with whom it would be shared. The privacy policy should be available on the service’s website. There should be adequate security measures when signing up for an account. You should be able to set your own PIN, have multiple ways to access your account, and be able to authenticate your account. These are good indicators that a company takes their security measures seriously.

They should be able to provide the guarantee of secure transactions, and late fee coverage and refunds if they are responsible for issues that may arise. 24/7 customer service support should be provided. Customer service representatives should be reachable by phone or through online channels.

Now that you are informed with a few good tips, you can test yourself if you can spot a dependable online remittance service. RemitGuru is the finest one stop solution for remitting money online.

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