How does a wireless fire alarm work?

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Business

A wireless fire alarm is fully electronic and is used to monitor an area in the event of a fire. A wireless fire alarm in Gatwick can not only detect smoke but can also detect the presence of heat as well. When an alarm goes off it is usually very high pitched so that anyone in the building at the time will be warned in time to leave the premises. In most cases not only is there an audible alarm at the premises there is also an alarm sounded at a remote monitoring centre where the fire services can be alerted and dispatched to the scene.

Monitoring centres are manned around the clock every day of the year, in many cases they are affiliated with a security company. Wireless fire alarms in Gatwick are essential to ensure complete safety of a structure. The moment the monitoring centre is alerted by the fire alarm system to fire, smoke or heat, help is sent immediately.

A wired fire alarm is ideally installed when the building is under construction as the ceilings and walls are open for running of all the wires required. These installation drawbacks were what caused the development of wireless systems. Today, adding a fire alarm to any building is quite simple and straightforward and they are equally effective as a wired system. Wireless systems can be installed simply for fire alarm purposes or they can be combined with burglar alarms, CCTVs, motion sensors, etc which are all part of total building protection.

Regardless of whether the fire alarm is a component of a larger security system or a standalone fire alarm, there can be many alarms installed in the same building. For the best fire protection there should be multiple alarms installed, each of which sends a signal to a transmitter which activates the alarm and sends a signal at the same time to the monitoring station. In many cases the monitoring company first attempt to contact the building manager or owner to confirm the situation. In most cases the monitoring station will dispatch the fire service if the owner cannot be located, even if it turns out to be a false alarm.

When selecting a wireless fire alarm in Gatwick it is important to take into account the location. There are systems which are designed expressly for residential homes as well as systems designed for industrial or commercial installation.

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