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by | Aug 21, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Business success relies heavily on the environment. First impressions are everything and when a customer walks into your company’s building, they will immediately identify with things that could reflect company work ethics. From the landscape surrounding the business to the minor details on doors and windows, everything counts. To ensure you attract the right people, it’s a good idea to consider glaziers Edinburgh for your commercial glass and glazing needs.

Designed with two sheets of glass that are usually 16mm, the insulating barrier inside glazed windows reduces condensation, minimizes your carbon footprint and offers peace and quiet throughout the seasons. Let us take you through the benefits of these services to help you better understand the reasons for investing.

Sound Proofing

If your company is based in a busy location, whether it is on a main road, close to a motorway or in the center of town, you may struggle with noise disruptions. This can not only have an affect on day-to-day operations but also, it can cause annoyance for customers/clients walking in and out of the building. With the installation of glazing from experienced glaziers Edinburgh, you can enjoy sound proofing. Expect 10 percent noise reduction, or more, when choosing these services.

Energy Saving

How much money does your business spend each month on energy bills? If they are soaring and you want to cut back to allow for other business investment opportunities, contact glaziers Edinburgh. Incredibly draught-proof, double glazed windows could last for 20 years or more. In fact, you could save £170 or more annually if you opt for double glazed, rather than single glazed windows, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Should the windows last for two decades, total savings could exceed £3,400.

Heat Retention

Enhance comfort for employees and customers by maintaining the interior temperature with commercial glass windows and doors from reliable glaziers Edinburgh. Approximately 18 percent of heat inside a property is lost through tiny cracks in the windows. You can rest assured that even the smallest crack will be sealed with double glazed windows, which also add an element of security to the space. By fitting thick curtains over windows and doors after getting them glazed by a team of professionals, you can increase heat retention, cut down on heating bills, and ultimately do your bit to protect the environment and the ozone layer!

High-quality services can be acquired from glaziers Edinburgh if you perform thorough research on the company beforehand. Edinburgh Glass & Glazing offer services for commercial, private and public sector properties. Visit them online!

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